2019 Uganda Extended Update

Wings Uganda Updates

The Lord is always on the Move! It is always a privilege and honor when we get to be a part of what the Father is doing…. and then watching Him influence and affect those around us so that they may KNOW HIM and KNOW HIM more! SUCH EXTRAVAGANT LOVE!! Witnessing His Lovingkindness through us all…the dark but lovely journey is so BEAUTIFUL- because HE IS BEAUTIFUL!

As we kept moving forward and obeying His Voice, we pushed through some “strongholds”, tough, hard ground….   But GOD!!   Oh My Jesus!   Because of HIM the  battle has already been won!!!  And then there are times through the journey… He asks us all when things don’t look or feel triumphant in the natural….  “Will you agree, will you still BELIEVE ME???!!!!  YES! YES! YES! Is my response!!! Is our response!!!! He will have His way.

So very thankful for the hard work of many on the ground. There are those on many “fronts”. Those called to do different jobs and we appreciate all!! Prayer warriors, the “runners” doing all the leg work, the paper work and working with the community and government… we thank you all. Those who support us in so many ways. It is all very much needed. Every member of the Body of Christ is Valuable! When you are in another country “things” can be a little different and we appreciate those that have an understanding of those ways.

All the preparations, meetings up till now have gone well.  Yes some bumps…. But God!   Oh what a blessing. There are still a few more so please be praying.  Incredible how many “turns” and shifts have taken place in and for this land, this place for these people.   The Lord is surely in this place.  Preparing a Place for HIS PRESENCE TO REST.. For His sons and daughters to rest, heal, and be equipped. That they in return will be prepared to receive the Nations.

PSALMS 96…   ISAIAH 60 & 61.

While the Prayer House is being built, we are putting a tent on the land (a word of the Lord several years ago). I felt the words “a shelter from the heat and from the rain” and the word tabernacle. When I was on the land and kept praying for the coming intercessors, The Lord led me to look again at Isaiah 4.  I’ve been praying through Isaiah 1-11 and much more.  So powerful what the Lord is doing in the Nations.  So in Isaiah 4…. The Lord will create a cloud over the whole area of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, even smoke, and the brightness of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory will be a canopy.   There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain. This will be for Worship and Intercession to go on while they are building.   For the 24/7 night and day intercession and worship to get established on the land.

Prayers for strength, for the spirit of wisdom and revelation. The fullness of IS 11.  For Unity for all the “workers” of the harvest, all those who are called! For all the finances to fall into place … for the abundance of the Kingdom of God… His Government in This Place with His People.  For all to walk in their gifts and talents, submitted to The Lord and each other…blessing one another.

Thank you all for all your prayers, your love, your support…. in every way that you are partnering with us.  We THANK YOU!!!

The LORD is displaying His Heart in such a Beautiful Way!!!!