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One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord

One Father, One Baptism, One God & Father of all who is over all and through all and in all – His Bride – His Army – His Church with no walls…

Ephesians 4

The Wings of Refuge in Somerset, KY

Victory Christian Fellowship

We celebrate our third year traveling to Somerset as we co-labor with Victory Christian Fellowship, aligning with His Heart, His purposes, and His plans for the region. His Army linking arms being an expression of His Heartbeat to release His Kingdom on earth NOW! We will be partnering with all those in the community to cultivate and establish a safe & loving place in Him – with Him – and for Him!
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As Wings periodically travels to Somerset we will post dates and times.

For details on sessions, worship, intensives, or any other service we provide visit our Main Hub in Louisville.

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This LOVE (serving) is not of this world – it is of another world…another Kingdom – God’s Kingdom

(psalm 110)

Serving Jesus and others is giving your whole heart, your whole life to Him. When God sends you to a church/ministry and you desire to help and be apart- it’s always 100%. Him first and catching, moving, agreeing with His Vision and purposes of why He planted you, while trusting Him in all His Ways. When and if people struggle with truly joining hearts with others and serving, most often it is from insecurities of believing their identity as a child of God.

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We are partnered with many churches and ministries

We honor them and support all that they are and what God has assigned them to do. Each ‘partnership’ looks different. Some are in prayer, some we support with the help of our healing/prayer rooms- some worship – others we are literally on the ground doing “the stuff” and running together. In our hearts it’s all important because it’s all important to God! Because we know how Jesus feels about ALL His sons and daughters. If you want to join us, help us, need help- call, write or come by anytime!!

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We invite you to join us in serving Him together! Whether volunteering your time, providing meals for intensives, praying for the ministry of Wings; intercessors – clients – partners – resources, financial support, and many other ways… we ask that you would prayerfully consider connecting with us today!

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