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'Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven…’ - Matthew 6

The Lord is Moving ... His presence defined

Presence is a Person-The Trinity- Father, Son, Holy Spirit. He is the Rock of habitation to which we can continually come - His Presence has no hours of operation, His Spirit is constantly moving - The question is, are we abiding in Him and staying in His flow, listening, hearing, and obeying His Voice?

It’s The NOW - What is God saying right now! ALL He has to say is most cherishing! We have full access to His Throne Room - He’s waiting for us to enter boldly with thanksgiving & praise, know our identity as a child of God and receive ALL that He has for us!

Allowing His Presence - His Kingdom... Righteousness, Peace, Joy… the FULLNESS of the Cross - to invade the darkness of hell in our lives and others. God desires that all of His children would walk in the full knowledge of His crucifixion and the full knowledge of His resurrection Power! Living eternally minded with the Mind of Christ and walking in His Authority as His beautiful Bride -- NOW!


Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Himself, hearing God...

understanding what He is saying in the NOW moment and partnering with His Spirit in Faith to BELIEVE Him! It’s Divine revelation that He desires to communicate with us. God really does have a lot to say when we shut up and listen! Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

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Empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing...

to the brokenhearted and freedom to the oppressed. Jesus came to make us whole. He was moved with compassion to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. Like Jesus, we are about our Father’s business! Jesus did nothing by himself; he could only do what He saw the Father doing because what the Father does the Son does also. How Jesus brought forth healing was always different but the response of those He healed was "YES LORD & BELIEF."

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Equip / Train

Our mandate is to host His Presence, cultivate the atmosphere...

of Heaven by bringing His Kingdom to earth, calling forth prophetic destinies and proclaiming the identity of God in people, cities & nations - equipping them to be all God created them to be, then sending them out because the Harvest is RIPE!

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Our Prayer Room is who we are….safe and loving.

The invitation to come as you are and fall into the embrace of the Father’s Arms whom accepts us, receives us, and Loves us unconditionally is for everyone. And then giving Him that abandoned YES to allow Him to captivate by His transforming fiery Eyes of Love. His Presence has found a resting place here and our heart-His heart for you is to encounter Him intimately face to face and be radically beautified by Real Love.

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prayer / worship

Who We Serve

Louisville, Ky

Main Hub

Portland, Ky


Somerset, Ky


children welcomed

Wings has and always will be about the whole family reconciling to God first and then one another- functioning in the design He created, His Divine Order. Children are always welcomed – we need all ages and all people.


The movement and outpouring on this generation is unprecedented. God’s heart is to connect the generations creating a powerhouse-strengthening one another- for His Glory. We will stand for His decree and not allow control and performance, division and walls to hinder the cry of His heart for this region and the Nations.

We invite children to be apart of our worship nights and other activities, allowing them to help others in their freedom in the Lord. It is so much fun and powerful allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and watching the children engage in healing and equipping.

Resting Place Store

A gift store, book store, and resource, and so much more! Artwork by Betsy Pollock and Designs by Pam Caibe will be on display, along with many other featured Authors & Artists. Please come and enjoy what He is doing in and through many of His children.

The Resting Place is located inside the Louisville Main Hub and is open during regular operating hours.