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IT IS FINISHED! Jesus, by the magnificent, beautiful, unconditional Love and will of His Father, took sin and death, you and me and settled every argument!

He Loves, He Saves, He Heals, He Redeems! We don’t water down the Cross- we stand for Truth- not man’s truth, not religion, not the world’s truth- only the Truth! (1Cor 15)

portland has a rich spiritual heritage

We want to thank God and honor all those who have gone before us! Portland is one of many beautiful neighborhoods in this state that God has His Hand upon. Wing’s began in the early 90’s in the downtown area and it has been a privilege and joy for the Lord to bring us full circle with working again in this community.  Partnering with many in the Body of Christ, cooperating together to release God’s purposes in the neighborhood, as the activity of the Spirit continues to increase…His Goodness being poured out.  While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest…shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22)

a place of empowerment for the whole area

A piece of God’s heart for Louisville is to become a 24/7 prayer & worship meeting place - A REFUGE - for all. A place to encounter Him … a place for healing, equipping, raising up and sending out, a place of empowerment for the whole area.

Freedom for the whole family - we are uniquely equipped to help children find freedom! In encountering the Lord and learning how to express themselves in God…to love and lead others. To be equipped in Love - (1Cor 12 & 1Cor 13)


Our Prayer Room is who we are….safe and loving.

The invitation to come as you are and fall into the embrace of the Father’s Arms whom accepts us, receives us, and Loves us unconditionally is for everyone. And then giving Him that abandoned YES to allow Him to captivate by His transforming fiery Eyes of Love. His Presence has found a resting place here and our heart-His heart for you is to encounter Him intimately face to face and be radically beautified by Real Love.

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A time of encounter…ending the wrestle of soul & spirit…truly experiencing the way He designed us to be met. Allowing Him in- into wherever He Knows that you need and He Knows you desire Him- filling every void of desire while allowing Love to have His Way (Psalm 27:4, Psalm 37:4). We are deceived by what we don’t know. This is why it’s vital to say YES and let Him break down walls, most that we never knew existed, as He enlightens and opens our spiritual eyes to fully see Him-TRUTH. Bringing Truth to those places while being led by the Spirit of Truth!!
(1 John 2, Ephesians 1, John 16)

THE LORD IS SAFE! We keep and put our TRUST IN HIM, for we are constantly being equipped to be His instrument He flows through. He is the One who protects hearts as His Omnipresence so graciously binds/heals wounds- AND kicks butt with lies and demonic strong holds….making us whole and setting us free. The strategy of The Father – His Will is beautiful.

*Currently all sessions for the Downtown Wing are scheduled by calling our main office.

Please call 502-244-1557

Allow the Lord to radically encounter you

Intensives are designed to disengage from the distractions of the world and fully engage with the Lord. It consists of staying overnight at Wings between one to four nights, having multiple sessions during the day and soaking in the prayer room. It’s a time to go deeper with the Lord and allow Him to radically encounter you…

*Currently all intensives for the Downtown Wing are being held at the Louisville Main Hub location - 11805 Brinley Avenue, Louisville, Ky 40243

Please call 502-244-1557

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We want to encounter Life with you! Experiencing and Knowing the Father’s heart, seeing His vision and bringing His Love to a broken world. Jesus gave His all when He willingly gave up His rights as God and chose to serve us by giving His life as ransom for all. Jesus had no agenda of His own…He said His food was to do the will of His Father who sent Him (John 4:34). Doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with God is what He calls good! Being a free-will offering for His Kingdom- His Army!!

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The early church united according to the teachings of Jesus

(Matthew 5-7)

Partnership is not what we can give and get from each other, rather it’s locking arms through IT ALL… being obedient to His Voice… The Faithfulness of God! Becoming who we are to be for now and for later. Partnership is speaking Love & Truth and running together for Him and keeping our eyes stayed on Him!

If you want to join us, help us, need help- call, write or come by anytime!!

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We invite you to join us in serving Him together! Whether volunteering your time, providing meals for intensives, praying for the ministry of Wings; intercessors – clients – partners – resources, financial support, and many other ways… we ask that you would prayerfully consider connecting with us today!

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