Our Services

Crisis Intervention & Sessions

Coordinated intervention and ongoing help for those in crisis. Includes walk-ins, phone calls and scheduled One-on-one appointments for an individual, family or community seeking help for the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Our team works with people of all walks of life to assist them in times of crisis, with sensitivity to all types of traumas and grief, and provide a loving and safe atmosphere for everyone. Sessions generally last an hour long for those locally served and around two hours for those coming outside of our geographic area.

Our Story

Lisa Marie Bolin, Founder & Executive Director of The Wings of Refuge, began the first 6 years of operation by providing long term housing and residential wholistic care for single women & mothers with children coming out of domestic violence and/or traumatic backgrounds; worked closely with the Court System on behalf of domestic violence victims and other crimes victims; and established Prison and Homeless Initiatives.

In 1999 long-term residential care stopped abruptly and the next 7 years Lisa Marie transitioned the Organization operations to establish an outpatient model of one-on-one and group sessions, as well as welcoming the care of men. This transition also entailed expanding the areas of help; including any spiritual, mental, emotional, and behavioral area of concern- in response to the broader spectrum of healing needed in the community. In addition to outpatient care, Lisa Marie began a training and teaching branch for the community at large and continues to conduct regular trainings nationally and internationally.

The following 13 years fine-tuned the outpatient care model and allowed for the development of short-term residential stays. As well as, a full-time prayer room open to the public for walk-ins and the creation of outreach initiatives throughout Kentucky. Lisa Marie over-seeing the development of all staff conducting operations out of Louisville, Portland, & Somerset, Kentucky and internationally in Israel, Kurdistan, & North Africa. Along with establishing NGO Wings of Refuge Uganda in Mbale, Uganda.


Since the founding of The Wings of Refuge in 1993, Lisa Marie has been a leading advocate on the front lines for those coming out of sexual exploitation, victimization, and trafficking, including victims of cult abuse, satanic ritual abuse, and violent crimes. Today, Lisa Marie maintains the status of the Organization as a safe house for recovered survivors with that being currently 40% of their client population and increasing. Lisa Marie serves in the Community in several advising capacities and is a Chaplain for the LMPD.

Over the 25+ years of its existence, the Organization has adapted the operations to effectively meet the needs of the community and The Wings of Refuge continues its work to see transformation in the lives of nearly 800 families every single year.

We exist for the purpose of providing a safe place for men, women, and children to encounter and receive the Love of God... to experience healing, and find freedom, to see families restored, and to see the individual become empowered for their role in life in community with others. We provide charitable & social services for Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Behavioral Health and Crisis Intervention, including serving economically disadvantaged and other special populations in services necessary to sustain & protect life.