Breaking Bread

Communion is one of the most precious and intimate times at Wings. It is wherever and whatever we do; prayer time, worship, serving, feeding, gathering together, remembering and glorifying Him!
(Acts 20:7 | Isaiah 53 | John 6 | Luke 22:15-20 | Acts 2:42-46 | 1Cor 11:17-34)

“In Him we live and move and have our being…” (Acts 17:28)

The partaking of Communion is an intimate & powerful time with the Lord! A time He takes you into powerful intercession, going before Him for others, those on His heart and yours. Communing with Him… receiving Him. This is not just for once in a while, the Lord wants you receiving all day/everyday ALL that He died for – THE FULLNESS! He tore down the wall… examine yourself with Him. Thanking Him for His forgiveness, grace, mercy, goodness, and love. He conquered sin and death… He suffered as He bore our diseases, infirmities, pain, and suffering…to bring UNITY in you – Reconciliation with God first & foremost spirit, soul, body.

The Lord’s Table – Breaking Bread is Life to the body! A miracle… supernatural mystery being unfolded everyday… oh the depth of the Cross. Come as often as He is drawing you. The truth is – the more often you take of Him – the more precious and intimate He becomes… Holy. To be consumed by Him… becoming Holy as He is Holy.