The Earth is full of the Goodness of the Lord. – Psalm 33
Give thanks for He is Good- His Mercy- Love/Kindness endures forever. – Psalm 136


For God is Love, He Loved and does Love – ALWAYS!

Taking His Love, His Ways, His Expressions everywhere and anywhere.  Faces may change but His Love…who He is does not.  Going to the Nations can be challenging for some, but if you are submitted to Him, Love Him, then it flows effortlessly.  We must love the nations around us but first be willing to reach out to those closest – our neighbors, communities, cities and region – before we are sent out.

Currently we schedule trips for our teams to go love on the people of this region.  In years past, while one of our team members lived here we spent the majority of our time in the IDP & Refugee Camps of those displaced by ISIS & ministered to women who had been rescued. Physical healings and many hearts, souls, spirits healed changed and transformed for Him.  Many opportunities to come back and engage in the camps have opened…waiting on the Lord…His Time….then He will provide all that is needed.

His Glory has filled and is filling the earth and He is inviting us to say yes and go wherever it may lead.  It is listening, loving, bringing His Kingdom – not the worlds’ or ours.  Jesus shifted culture every place He went and He invites us to do the same!

As the ‘world’ names the Middle East as a ‘hot bed of conflict’ – we declare it Redeemed as His Bed of Glorious Love!!!

Lives touched by our powerful God

Arise & Shine… for your light has come!

God is drawing the multitudes to the Light of His Glory-His Holiness. We are to be that lighthouse to The Nations. It’s time to fill our oil lamps and allow the overflow to spill out on the hard soil until it becomes lush, rich and fertile and all nation tribe and tongue is walking in the bountifulness of Christ Jesus. He is erupting His Love throughout all the earth, bringing all things back to its original design & divine order and making room for Love that we were made for.

Do you want a lifestyle of walking with Jesus throughout the Land?

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